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frequently asked questions

What are the target ages for the services offered by Notable Impressions?

While the primary target groups are ages 16-25, the services offered by Notable Impressions are appropriate for all ages and levels of professional experience. The workshops and other services range from basic, entry level, professional courses such as “How to Prepare for an Interview” to more complex professional topics such as “How to Increase Emotional Intelligence” and “How to Adapt to Adapt to Change in the Workplace.”

Ages 16-20: Includes teens preparing for the workforce, obtaining their first jobs and those aging out of the foster care system. Ages 21-25: Includes those who are completing college and entering the workforce, those aging out of the independent living system, young professionals.


Notable Impressions also provides services to:

Existing or Aspiring Professionals: Notable Impressions can help you prepare and excel in the professional world. From our how-to workshops to personalize services, we are here for you.

Business owners: Notable Impressions can assist to train your existing staff or prepare new team members during on-boarding. Teachers/Afterschool Programs: Notable Impressions can help prepare your students for the professional world. Notable Impressions will customize workshops and services to meet your needs.



Are there pre-requisites to complete before participating in workshops or obtaining services?

There are no pre-requisites to complete prior to participating in Notable Impressions’ workshops or obtaining services. We can meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be!



Will Notable Impressions host group workshops or sessions?             

Yes, Notable Impressions will host singular or a series of workshops for groups. Because the workshops are interactive and personable, we suggest groups no larger than 30 at a time. We are available to host multiple workshops to assist all group members if needed.  



Does Notable Impressions host remote consultations or sessions?

Yes, Notable Impressions will host workshops or provide services remotely, as appropriate, via video conferencing and will travel to locations. We also host consultations via phone or video conferencing. 

Is there a charge for consultations?

There is no charge for a 30-minute consultation via phone or video conferencing to discuss your specific needs and requests.

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